A slender mola washed up at the research station that I worked at this summer. My buddy juan took this shot. These fish are gorgeous and are a pelagic fish that rarely come up into our temperate waters. This is another sure sign of an El Niño year here in California

They grow to about a meter which is nothing compared to some of the other members of the molidae family. 
This big guy is a Mola mola, also known as an ocean sunfish and they grow to weights over 1000kg! 


  • go to class
  • polo
  • surf after
  • study and hang out with the boy


  • study
  • clean room
  • study
  • find dresser
  • surf? 

my life is really boring right now


i ate some edibles like an hour ago and im still not high off them #bummed 

update: tried them agin tonight. 

they work very well in fact.  


So if you’re in a heterosexual relationship, who gives the girl the orgasm?

My tummy has been having a bad time of it lately whenever I eat white grain things.
I think its my bodys way of saying it needs some health in its life. Im going to try and eat as raw and natural as I can for awhile.

My bike was replaced by this gigantic long board Kooky Darly Darly gets barreled Cubs spot checking John Boy works hard for airtime R o o s t Front tire blow out on the 280