should i wake up early, do yoga then surf or wake up later and do yoga at like 4:30 and function?

so like im walking up early. because i cant handle not waking up and just getting it done

  • im going to go to a yoga class for the first time in months tomorrow morning
  • my knee has been hurting ever senses the-over-the-falls dory incident at regionals
  • i have a race in about a week 
  • my roommate just gave me a bunch of candelas and im far to stoked about it
  • i have the next two days off before i work for like the next 10 days straight 

with all that in mind i really do love my life and would not change it in a heartbeat. this is such a time of growth. 

bullet points about my life just to keep you folls who may actually read this updated text

i prop my pillows up at night so i can go on my computer but often times i wake up in the middle of the night with my neck hurting and still on the propped pillows

sad life text